Triumph Adventure Tail Bag 50L A9510170

Save $64

$119 $183


Bespoke Adventure Tail Bag offering a huge 50-litre capacity

Manufactured from polyurethane and high quality fabrics, this luggage features Triumph branded zip pulls, reversed zip tracks, fully lined base and comes complete with detachable mounting straps

Can be mounted to passenger seat area or integral luggage rack

Cannot be installed with either A9500530, A9500606 or T2356829

Suitable for fitment on the following models

Tiger 1200 up to AV5526

Tiger 1200 XRT

Tiger 1200 XCx / Tiger SE Desert

Tiger 1200 XRx / Tiger SE Alpine

Tiger 1200 XR

Tiger Explorer XRT

Tiger Explorer XCA

Tiger Explorer XRX

Tiger Explorer XCX

Tiger Explorer XR

Tiger Explorer XC > 740276

Tiger Explorer XC

Tiger Explorer 740277 >

Tiger Explorer > 740276

Tiger 800 XCA

Tiger 800 XRT

Tiger 800 XR

Tiger 800 XCX

Tiger 800 XC

Tiger 800 XRX 855532 > NOT BR/IN 862413 > BR/IN ONLY

Tiger 800 XRX

Tiger 800


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