Triumph 10W-40 Fully Synthetic Premium Engine Oil (1L)



Boost your Triumph's performance and protection with this premium 10W-40 fully synthetic engine oil. Expertly formulated with an ester base, it delivers extra power, top-notch engine safeguarding, and dependable performance across all terrains.

Engineered for Triumph motorcycles, this 10W-40 viscosity oil ensures optimal lubrication even in tough conditions. The handy 1-litre eco pouch makes refills a breeze.

This oil excels with reduced friction for a smoother ride, superb heat resistance for those long journeys, and compatibility with various bike components. It keeps your Triumph's engine in tip-top shape thanks to its low volatility.

Unleash your Triumph's full potential with this premium synthetic oil. It's designed to not only protect your engine but enhance its performance.


  • Grade / Viscosity: 10W-40
  • Size: 1L
  • Pack Type: Eco Pouch

Please note: Image is for reference only. This item contains the 1L Eco Pouch.

Find the right oil grade for your Triumph motorcycle by visiting;

Triumph Oil Selector

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