Daytona 675 to VIN 381274

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Triumph Main Bearing Shell Green
Triumph Slipper Clutch Tool - Race
Triumph Alternator Puller Tool
Triumph Black Billet Gear Actuator
Triumph Red Billet Gear Actuator
Triumph Black Oil Filler Cap
Triumph Red Billet Oil Filler Cap
Triumph Black Oil Dip Stick
Triumph Red Billet Oil Dipstick
Triumph Restrictor Kit, 98PS
Triumph Chain & Sprocket Kit
Triumph Adjustable Clutch Lever
Triumph Black Billet Preload Adjusters
Triumph Black Billet Chain Adjuster
Triumph Red Chain Adjuster Block
Triumph Blade Transmitter
Triumph Disc Lock
Triumph U-Lock, 270mm
Triumph Led Indicator RelayTriumph Led Indicator Relay
Triumph Optimate 3+ UK Model

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