AGV Legends X3000 Super AGV Helmet Matt Black / Yellow


AGV have released a new line of retro-inspired helmets, celebrating 70 years of the Italian manufacturer.The new X3000 is a reproduction of the helmet worn by multiple World Champion, Giacomo Agostini in the 1960s and offers all the modern safety features you would come to expect from an AGV helmet, whilst retaining the authentic style of the original design

The iconic model that gave birth to the AGV logo The X3000 Carries Agostini's signature and includes the contoured chin piece just as he liked it so that he could lean right up against the gas tank. The venting has also been hidden within the large visor, to prevent compromising the classic look

With 15 titles, Giacomo Agostini stands out from the rest. Just like his race suit. The graphics of the Gloria replicate the design of his unique race suit. The five colours of the Olympic rings seperating white from red

The X3000 has been built to the same shell volume as Ago’s original helmet and comes available in three shell sizes. Designed to offer a snug fit around the wearer’s head, the new helmet comes with an embroidered logo within the interior and there’s a neat internal pocket to house the external rubber vent cover, to prevent loss

Each helmet also ships with an authentic carry bag, with the Agostini limited edition made of real leather and the rest of a synthetic material